Friday, July 4, 2014

Using Excel as your UI

At work, part of our job involves getting data from a bunch of different databases and verifying that certain relationships hold among them, or finding other kinds of problems or bugs; we usually end up pasting our results into Excel, and sending the spreadsheets around.

One of our teammates had the idea of writing a script that writes directly to Excel; I'm still amazed it didn't occur to me :) but to compensate, I figured I'd write a program to do the same; since I couldn't find any simple .net libraries to write to excel, I figured I'd try with python; found openpyxl (great simple library, although its docs are outdated), so I wrote a simple script that takes queries in JSON and produces an excel spreadsheet with the data produced by those queries.
The Json file looks like this:
Notice we can specify several sheets, and for every sheet we specify queries; for each query we specify its DBI driver (you need to have those libraries available in your system), connection string and query string.
The python code is amazingly simple:
And you call it by passing it the name of the json file, and the name of the output you want.

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