Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Getting running queries in SQL Server

Today I needed to get running queries in SQL server (you can kill them with the command KILL followed by the session id). After 'binging' it, got to the following query :). Need to study more about the metaschema in sql server.

SELECT session_id,
       Substring(txt.TEXT, ( statement_start_offset / 2 ) + 1,
       ( ( CASE statement_end_offset
       WHEN -1 THEN Datalength(txt.TEXT)
       ELSE statement_end_offset
           - statement_start_offset ) / 2 ) + 1) AS statement_text,
FROM   sys.dm_exec_requests
       CROSS APPLY sys.Dm_exec_sql_text([sql_handle]) AS txt
WHERE  session_id <> @@SPID
       AND session_id > 50

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