Saturday, November 2, 2013

invoke-webrequest : wget for Windows

Many times you need to do a quick test that a web site or program works, or you want to download a web page within a script; in unix/linux, you'd probably use curl or wget ; Powershell (as of 3.0) has invoke-webrequest , which does a similar function.

Although it has many other options, the most basic invocation just takes a URL and it returns the 'output' of that request, as an object containing several fields; the Content field contains the actual information returned (the web page), so you can use something like this:


to find out its length, and could use String.Contains and such to verify that it returns the info you expected (so you could script a simpletest for your web app).

Other useful parameters include -OutFile to save the page to a file, and -UseDefaultCredentials to have the request use your windows credentials, in an intranet.

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